Villains are described as individuals who fight for injustice. They can range from petty criminals to super villains, but they are all those who threaten the peace for their own selfish gain. 
Villan Cap


Villains can be any individual, human, alien or even animal that preforms a villainous act. These acts can range from petty thievery to trying to destroy an entire planet. By more recognizable definition, villains are the individuals who take on villainous persona's and constantly threaten the peace.


  • Anti-Hero: Anti-Hero's are not nesscessarily villains, but they are not hero's either. They are considered villans by the heros and can be both allies and foes to villains.
  • Villan: Villans are the most common form of villans who reccur commonly to commit crimes. 
  • Super Villans: Super Villans are the most dangerous individuals who could potentially threaten the safety of the entire world or even the universe.