Real name Slade Wilson
Alias The Terminator
Age 42
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Affiliation The Secret Society of Supervillains
Powers and Abilities
Powers Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Enhanced Healing
Primary Skill Master Combatant
Equipment Armor, Sword, Staff (More...)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Deathstroke is a tall, slender man, with long white hair, and a full beard. He is missing his right eye, and wears an eyepatch, while the remaining eye is blue. His armor is primarily black and gray, with goldenrod greaves and gauntlets. He wears a matching goldenrod mask with a black area that obscures the right half of his face, including his missing eye. He wears a utility belt with pouches, and sheaths for a sword and staff on his back.


Deathstroke is an ambitious super villain who originally only sought to complete each and every job with swiftness and efficiency as a mercenary. Now he plans to take a seat at the head of the criminal world, hoping to become a feared and renowned power. Deathstroke is normally cool and emotionless unless he becomes frustrated or impatient with a job or duty. He evidently also enjoys the thrill of battle, where a much more cocky and sadistic side of him comes out.